Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work!

A bit about me..

My name is Maddy, the face behind Dear Lola Photography. I am a mother to one dark-haired brown-eyed stubborn little boy & wife to an amazing guy (with a crazy sense of humour). We call Longford home, a little town not far from Launceston, Tasmania & have 5 beautiful dogs (2 Whippets & 3 Kelpies).

I am a lover of the simple things in life: mountains, winter & the smell of rain on dry dirt. Snuggling up with my faves on a Friday night & watching movies (or The Office on repeat, because that never gets old), watching the way the golden light plays through the leaves on a warm summer evening, late night impromptu drives to Maccas, & Summertime road-trips with windows down & country music cranked up.

Photography was something I dabbled in during my late teens, but life got in the way (as it does) & I didn't really pick up a camera again until Billy was born in 2014, documenting my days with him and our life on the farm, photographing our pets, farm animals & landscapes.  In early 2016 I decided to give family photography a go and a few months later "Dear Lola Photography" was born.
Dear Lola Photography was named after my first Whippet "Lola", my heart dog. She passed away in late 2016 but her name lives on with this little business. 

My Vision.

My photography style is not for everyone.  Iā€™m a lover of authentic, candid moments, and images that represent that. I'm all for those in between moments & ALWAYS prefer mood over the technically correct. The little things and the big feelings, that's what I'm all about.

The most beautiful moments are the ones that are not posed, forced or planned. If you want the perfect family photo's with everyone looking at the camera then I'm not the photographer for you, to me it's all about being in the moment & letting life unfold for itself. I find beauty in the imperfections of family & real life, capturing what makes you & your loved ones unique.

Let me tell your story the way I see it.